The Bus Stop E​.​P

by Matt Pless

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Matthew Meade
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Matthew Meade The songs in this collection are so pretty and weird. It sounds like Daniel Johnston on Paxil. It sounds like sitting inside on a beautiful summer day and feeling sorry for yourself. It's just great. Favorite track: The Bus Stop Song.
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Here is a short collection of love songs, breakup songs, 6 second songs, and other fruits a vegetables I dug out of the dumpster and threw on a pizza. This is what came out of the microwave. I have nothing interesting left to say at this time. Enjoy the feast....

1. Pretty Bird
I wrote this song while going through the process of losing someone I loved with all of my heart. I guess i wrote to make myself feel as if the inevitable wasn't actually happening.

2. Everything to Me (Generic pop song for the soul stealing gods of top 40 radio)
This song is about falling in love. Those early moments in a relationship when you are overjoyed with excitement and discovery about another person. I must admit, part of me created this with thoughts of Taylor Swift singing it someday on my mind. Hey....a guy can dream can't he?

3 The Computer Song
I was in Los Angeles on tour in the spring time. My friend Ryan Kibby suggested I start writing 6 second songs for his "Vine" I phone. This was the first one I came up with. It might be the most relevant thing I've ever written

4. The Legacy Song
More 6 second song madness. This might be the most prophetic song I have ever written

5. The Pizza Song
6 second of honesty and frustration. Pan crust. meat and veggie topping. I had a coupon.

6. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers cover)
I have always loved this song. I have also always thought Kenny Rogers did a pretty boring version of it however. So, i decided to do a version that I liked better. My friends and I had a blast recording this!

7. The Coffee Shop Song
6 seconds of starbucks rage! Sometime I really hate open mic nights, sometimes I don't. This was written in one of those moments when I did. Flick a cigarette, burn them to the ground!

8. Down at The Gallows
I wrote this song long ago in the drivers seat of an old woman's car while I was waiting for her to come out of her doctors office with a bunch of pain pills. I felt pretty guilty and bad about my life at that moment in time. This is how all those feelings manifested. I think...

9. Barren Grove
I have no idea what this song is about. I was really sick when it came to me. 103 degree fever. Laid up in bed for a week. your guess is as good as mine.

10. The Bus Stop Song
if you have ever waited at the bus stop for more than 6 seconds, you will be able to relate to this tune.

11. Feng Shui (the Mailman)
I spent a really nice Fall season one year with an awesome girl named Babs. She had a cat named Feng Shui who always looked out the window at the leaves falling on the ground. I felt like this cat was waiting for something, someone, some answer, a letter that would never come. I eventually decided to send Feng Shui a letter from Utah while I was on tour. I heard he smiled upon it's arrival. All that aside, I dunno what to say about this song. I hope you like it.


released June 3, 2013



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